During this project, I worked closely together with a team of interior designers to create the new interiors (3d) and graphics (2d) for all KFC shops in the UK+I. 
The previous KFC restaurant concept celebrated the food, with the look and feel drawing inspiration from barns and the farm. In recent years KFC has been heroing the Colonel; his life, success story, and what he stands for. Our aim for the new KFC store concept was to have the Colonel and his values as the main drivers. 
As a team, we were also aware that we were creating this new concept in the midst of a global pandemic (2020). We have all overcome hardship and were finally, at the moment of this design, starting to return to a ‘new normal’. This idea of 'Togetherness' became an important driver for us.
We wanted to look at the KFC stores not just as a place to eat, but as a space where people can come together. We wanted to rediscover the spirit of togetherness after this hard time, and reclaim the physical space. 
‘Welcome to The Colonel’s Place.’
Everyone is welcome in our store, we want to celebrate difference and accept everyone
at the Colonel’s table. To show this we used a mix of materials, graphics, shapes, and patterns:
Graphics on 3D renders
This exterior render shows a clear reference to festival, cinema, and event inspired materials and graphics.
The highlight of the store: The Colonel’s Table. In this visual we used
lots of festival inspired graphics; such as flags, signposts and posters 
Graphics created
For the new store concept, we created a new paste-up poster wall, inspired by all those live gigs we
missed in 2020. We used a combination of the Colonel’s heritage photography and newly created graphics. It was super fun to work on the following graphics, and to see them being used all over the UK today! 
A new wallpaper pattern design:
A number of generic textual graphics, flags, patterns, & illustrations: 
Some new graphic work out in the wild (UK, 2023)

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