2020, Charcoal
Amazing life drawing class given by the East London Strippers Collective (ELSC).
ELSC is a group of strippers challenging stereotypes and societal attitudes towards strip clubs, by inviting a new audience of onlookers inside. They are are giving artists a unique opportunity to draw strippers performing and pole-dancing, in a venue once lauded for it's striptease shows.
Check them here
2014, pencil & ink
2013, Charcoal
The assignments was to show the movement in one drawing

2013, Ink
Again it was about capturing movement.
1 minute per pose.
2013, ink – Looking, not knowing
Drawing without looking at the paper, only at the model.
This way you really draw what you see, and not what you already know – or think you know.
2013, ink
2012, Charcoal

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