Majliya is a high-end jewellery brand based in Oman. 
On this project I worked in a small team with 2 interior designers, an art director, and a brand director. The team was tasked with creating the new exterior and interior design for new jewellery stores located in Oman, with me as a graphic designer to create extra brand assets to strengthen the presence of the brand in these stores.
The existing Majliya brand didn't have a lot of assets to use and create an impact with in the space at the time. I created 2 patterns, both a modern interpretation of the existing Majliya monogram and logo, and a hint to Middle Eastern culture. These patterns were to be used as design elements within the space and enhance the brand experience of the customer. I also designed multiple screens, that were to be used on both the exterior and interior of the stores to visualise the brand language and show the product.
I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, the team was wonderful to work with and I worked closely with the interior designers (even though it was still remote-lockdown working at the time, 2020). I photoshopped the brand elements in the visuals, created videos for the screens in After Effects, designed tone of voice messaging and was involved in all the meetings discussing the interior choices and branding elements in the space.
The existing logo, and pattern inspiration:
Some try-outs for the new pattern design:
The final (simplified) design for two patterns to be used in, and outside of the store:
Design for digital screens for inter/exterior of the store:
Patterns, logo placement, and screen design implemented in exterior render design:
Patterns and screen design implemented in interior render:
Patterns and screen design implemented in interior render:

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