Forest Foresight (FF) an initiative of WWF, is a highly sophisticated, yet simple-to-use online tool that combines geo data with radar based satellite imagery to predict changes in the landscape. Certain patterns of change, once detected, enable (local) stakeholders to intervene in time to prevent deforestation – before irreversible damage is done. 
Having proven successful already in Gabon and Kalimantan, FF is ready to scale. And to scale in line with their ambitions, they are actively seeking funders, alliance partners, and governmental users of this technology. This is when WWF asked the team at ACNE Amsterdam to create a prospectus for FF to send to these three target audiences.
An insight we discovered in our research was that many tools that monitor deforestation can only detect deforestation that has already occurred. FF is unique as it predicts deforestation – FF uses data to spark change and act before the damage is done.
Using the power of prediction as our starting concept, our team created a compelling story to engage the target audiences to invest, collaborate, or start using the tool. We used formats that are easy to share and read digitally (even in case of lower bandwidth), with a visual identity to strengthen our message and clear language that is translatable – so we can connect globally.
Check out the whole prospectus here.
For the logo I wanted to connect FF with the WWF brand by using the Panda’s ‘eye’ shape. The line signifies making the unknown (the dotted) known (the solid). 
Seeing into the future, and using the power of prediction.
Look & feel
Despite the serious and complex theme, the visual identity and prospectus have an optimistic and playful tone, and look & feel.
We were geven examples of how the tool worked, I created the below simplified graphics of the process to showcase this for the target audiences:
I’ve created multiple infographics that can show the many numbers and data in an informative and engaging way
The prospectus
A few pages from the prospectus:
Check out the whole prospectus here.

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