Made during the minor 'Off-screen'.

Like the name suggests, this minor was about creating something interactive that could be an installation, or some other kind of spatial creation.

This was quite a big thing for me because at the time I was a total loser with everything electronic
(I couldn't even change a light bulb at the time).

A short process story:

( if you hate process, skip to step 11 )

Make the LED blink…
( have to start somewhere )
Circuit Bending:
Didn't know electronics could be so much fun and cause so much ear bleed at the same time.
Draw a Line:
Draw a line using something ( yes this was really the assignment )
I used a toothbrush insect  (:
Continue with the line idea:
I tore apart an old cellphone for the vibrating motor and made this little creature.
More basic little tests…
First try with FSR ( force sensitive resistor, a pressure sensor ) and LED
An idea started to form…
now how could I create a sound when the FSR is pressed?
Adafruit wave shield:
I bought a wave shield

Solder on:
Apparently, you solder this mess together, which I had never done before.

So that was fun.
BURNS, sweat and tears:
Wave shield finished…

Geek Achievement: UNLOCKED
So now I had this Wave shield and a FSR…
In my research I was very interested in Next Nature.
I really wanted to do something with that topic.
So I came up with Portable Nature

A briefcase with leafs and moss inside, like the ground of any random forest.
A FSR underneath that connects with a wave shield.
Speakers that play sound from the .wav file on the SD card in the wave shield.
Wave shield is of course connected to Arduino, and a 9v battery.

The briefcase is opened on the floor.
The person takes off shoes and/or socks for optimal nature experience.
The person steps on the moss.
This will trigger the FSR, sending a signal to the wave shield and
lovely nature sounds will start emerging from the briefcase.

People these days have lost connection with nature, we don't make time for it anymore.
All green disappears in our cities, we don't appreciate it, destroy it even.
But now, you can have your own little piece of nature, always close to you!
So take down those forests and build on those skyscrapers, who needs trees anymore?
Let our soda cans pile up in our seas and our highways crash through our woods, we have Portable Nature!

At work, in the train, at home!
Portable Nature
Whenever, wherever.
How it works
Sound on!
What's inside:

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