The assignment was to organize a fictive event with the theme '(Graphic–) design in 2020'.
Also, make a bid-book for this event.

This project I collaborated with 4 other students. 

Because of all the new technology, the profession of graphic designer is uncertain. The computer takes on more and more work and we are not sure what our profession will look like in the future. Will graphic design disappear? Or will it just change and evolve? Because of these questions, we named our event 'Goodbye design'. With this name we want our target group ( primarily design students ) to think about if it's really the end, or just a new beginning.  
Goodbye Design will be a 5-day event. Every day we'll talk about another aspect of design, which may or may not disappear. In the morning there will be lectures. The afternoon is reserved for workshops, as we find it really important not only to make people understand that the times are changing, but we also have to participate in this change.
We chose 5 design theme's:
Goodbye analog, –borders, –interaction, –photography and –knowledge.
My theme was ‘Goodbye interaction’. 
What role will the audience play in 2020? A bigger and more interactive role than it does today? Or will we make them even more passive, overwhelmed by all the new media. Will the designer let them participate or let them just watch your work, paralyzed and without the need of using their own brains?
I invited 5 speakers for my day;  graphic designers and artists.
They will talk about their interactive work and their view on the future of (interaction) design.  

For the design of these posters, I set a few rules for myself:
• Only use the colours blue, black and white
• The name of the designer / artist has to be on it
• The time when the lecture begins / ends
• Only use the font which we agreed on ( Univers )
• Incorporate the work of the designer / artist in the poster somehow.
The following image shows the posters how I presented them
The location:
Amsterdam Roest
I also made an infographic for the main bid-book.
Because our theme is 'Goodbye', the infographic shows the route from Amsterdam Roest to Amsterdam central station. Because of the dry and boring information in the main bid-book we decided we would give the infographics a lighter undertone. 
Animated infographic 
Interactive billboard proposal.
I also made a sketch for an interactive billboard.
Because of the target group, these billboards will be placed in and around schools. 
Bid-book presentation
We presented our bid-book with 3 beamers on 3 screens. 1 full screen in the middle.
On this screen we showed our main bid-book ( with things like budget, location etc. ).
And 2 split screens, these were for the presentation of the personal bid-books (analog, borders, photography and interactive, knowledge would be last, in the middle). In these we showed our speakers, workshops etc.
Everything was digital, we didn't print a single thing.
( And got away with it )

The process :

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